custom home gym designs

We find that a major set-back people encounter when trying to use their gyms is that they are poorly outfitted or the equipment is outdated.


Thankfully, we at Shock Fitness are here to help you customize your gym.  And even better, every home gym designed includes a free customized training program by Shock Fitness.


Consider the advantages of a personal home or cottage gym designed by us. Every individual is unique. Your body has unique needs and you have specific goals. You require the proper equipment in the appropriate set-up.


We will work with you to achieve your ideal home or cottage gym. Each workout room is designed to blend in with the décor of your home, while still ensuring maximum functionality and intensity. Your personal touch will be integrated with your fitness goals and affordability to create your perfect space.


We can integrate numerous variations that include any of the following:

Exercise equipment
Custom flooring and mats
Mirrors and lighting
Sound systems and entertainment centers
Sauna and steam rooms
... and so much more!


Our staff can coordinate with your personal architect, contractors, and decorators.