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CEDAR Cold Pressed Juice

CEDAR Cold Pressed Juice

Always organic. Always Cold Pressed. Never Pasteurized.


At Cedar Cold Pressed Juice we press every last drop of superfood greatness from our organic fresh fruit and veg, so you can squeeze more out of life.


How do we do it?

Organic. Organic produce and superfoods will always be at the core of all CEDAR recipes and wherever possible we strive to source locally (locally grown pineapples are pretty hard to come by).

Cold Pressed. It takes several pounds of leafy fruit and veg and thousands of pounds of pressure to extract every last drop of deliciously nutritious juice for our drinks. It’s the only way to pack the power punch we’re looking for. And nothing else will do.

Never pasteurized.  Sure, pasteurization extends the shelf life of drinks. The heat used in this process kills off bacteria – good. But it also kills the living enzymes, nutrients and vitamins your body craves – not good. We’re all about giving you more, not less – so to make sure you get the most from every mouthful, pasteurization is a definite no no for us. Instead, we use cold pressure to keep our juices fresh and full of enzymes, nutrients and vitamins – while ridding them of any bad bacteria.



LivingFuel Original CocoChia bars from Shock Fitness

LivingFuel Original CocoChia Bars

Unlike most of today's so-called energy bars that offer little real nutrition and are high in sugar, the CocoChia Snack Bar delivers three powerful superfoods (coconut , chia seeds and almond) and more in a low-glycemic, clean, food bar.

  • Organic Ingredients
  • Non Dairy
  • Raw Food Bar
  • Rich in Phyto-Nutrients
  • Gluten-Free
  • High in Fiber
  • Low-Glycemic
  • Low-Calorie
  • Contains Essential Fats
  • No Trans Fats

The Original CocoChia® Snack Bar is made of only clean, raw, all natural ingredients... Every ingredient contains health-promoting properties . All good and nothing bad!

LivingFuel CocoChia Bars Do Not Contain:

Gluten, Soy or Milk